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Web Development

Level 4 International Diploma in Web Development (L4DWD)

Web Development (Full Stack Web Developer) တစ်ယောက်အဖြစ် လျှောက်လှမ်းနိုင်မည့် Web Design နှင့် Web Development ပိုင်းသာမက Database, Cloud, Dev Ops & Web Security အစရှိသည့် Advanced Courses များပါသင်ကြားပေးမည် ဖြစ်သည်။

      Time Table ( Duration : 10 Months to 12 Months)

Date Time Section
Monday To Thursday 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM Section-A
Monday To Thursday 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Section-B
Satday & Sunday 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM Section-C
Satday & Sunday 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Section-D


  • - Internet and World Wide Web(WWW)
    - Web Technology History
    - Web Technologies (Http,https,ftp,broswer,cookie,search engine,static vs dynamic,Database)
    - HTTP and HTTPs
    - Domain and Hosting
    - What is IDE?
    - Install Code Editor
    - Install XAMPP

  • - Basic Syntax
    HTML Introduction
    - What is HTML?
    - HTML History
    - HTML Vs HTML5
    - HTML Structure(tag,elemennts,Attributes,value)
    HTML Basic
    - Heading
    - Paragraph
    - Break
    - Horizontal Line
    - Font
    - Text Formatting
    HTML Elements
    - Hyper Link
    - Image
    - List
    - Table
    - Block and Inline
    - Entities
    HTML Media
    - Audio
    - Video
    - iframe
    HTML Form
    - Input Types
    - Input Attibutes
    - Form Attributes

  • CSS Introduction
    - What is CSS
    - CSS History
    - CSS Vs CSS
    - CSS structure(Properties,Value,Style,Selector)

    CSS Elements
    - Color
    - Background
    - Text
    - Border
    - Width & Height
    - Padding & Margin
    - Fonts
    - Link
    - List
    - Table
    - Display
    - Position
    - Overflow
    - Alignment
    - Pseudo Class & Element
    - Opacity
    - Form
    - Gradient
    - Media Queries

  • Introduction
    What is JavaScript?
    Why we use JavaScript?
    JavaScript History

    JavaScript Basic
    Variable Declaring

    JavaScript Operator
    Arithmetic Operators
    Assignment Opertors
    Comparison Operators
    Logical Operators
    String Methods
    Number Methods
    Array Methods
    Array Sort and Iteration
    Date Format and Methods
    Do While
    Error Handling
    Javascript Events
    Javascript Object Notation(JSON)
    Javascript Document Object Model(DOM)

  • jQuery Introduction what is jquery? what is library ? what is ajax? what is cdn? jQuery Effect Method(animate,fadein,fadeout,show,slideDown,slideToggle,slideUp,toggle) jQuery HTML Method(after,append,appendTo,before) jQuery animate

  • Bootstrap4 Introduction What is Bootstrap4? What is Framework Responsive Grid Systems in Bootstrap 4 Typography in Bootstrap Container and Container Fluid Responsive Breakpoints Colors Bootstrap 4 Compoents alert badge breadcrumb button card carousel Dropdown Form inputgroup listgrouo Model navbar Pagination Popover Project

  • Indroduction How Photoshop Works? How to related with Web Development? Explain to Photoshop Workspace The Basics File Openining File Saving Sizing Image Extensions Handling to Image Size and Resolution Diving Into Tools Handling to Layers Color Theories and Adjustments Text Styling and Transformation Image Editing Creation for Web Development Banner Design Background Design Footer Design GIF Animation

  • Wordpress Introduction What is Wordpress? What is CMS? What is Database? Install Wordpress Wordpress Basic Creating Blog Content WordPress admin conventions Posting on your blog Discussion on your blog – comments Adding and managing categories Page, Media, and Importing/exporting content Pages Media library Importing/exporting content Plugin Theme Project

  • Indroduction What is SQL? SQL Syntax SQL Statement CREATE DATABASE Statement DROP DATABASE Statement